Why are we different?

Sustainable & Ethical |Quality & Endurance

•  ​Antimicrobial - Helps Prevent Odours

•  Provides UV Protection

•  Moisture Wicking

•  Vegan​​

•  Grown Organically

• Perfect for Travel

• 3x Stronger than Cotton

• Sustainable, Natural fibres

• Ethically Made - Fair Wear Certified Factory

• Fair Pay & Good Working Conditions

• 100% Traceable Fibres




Made for women.  Designed by a woman. Founded by a woman.

HEMPTON is an environmentally friendly, fair, and vegan clothing brand for women.  

People talk a lot about sustainable travel and sustainable living, but they fill their bags and their closets with mass-produced clothing whose production has a negative impact on our environment.  These clothes get thrown out after a few uses as they are not made to last.

Hempton is made from high-quality Hemp fabric and is designed to last.  It protects you from the sun, reduces odours, and wicks away moisture.  It is perfect for travel and great for our planet. 

Our shirts are made from 55% Organic Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton. 

We use Hemp because it is a much more sustainable fabric for our planet than synthetics or regular cotton.  It is also totally animal cruelty-free.  We blended the fabric to give it a super soft feel, using only certified organic cotton.

Support an ethical business to help move fashion in the right direction. 



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