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We want to keep things simple, for one reason: To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint.

We are working with one vertically-integrated manufacturer who custom make our fabric and shirts from scratch. 

Together we have a mission to be conscious without comprise. Our manufacturer produces the most ethical and sustainable products without sacrificing the quality and comfort of the fabric. 

Our shirts are made with Organic Hemp and Certified Organic Cotton.  Our fabric is OCS certified (Organic Cotton Standard).

To ensure we select the best dye we can, we use only European Union approved dyes and chemicals in our dyeing and finishing, and carefully monitor and control waste water.

To top it all off, Hempton shirts are made in a factory that is certified by the FairWear Foundation, which is an independent non-profit organisation that works with factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers.  Our factory provides the healthiest of working conditions, including medical benefits, safety insurance, salary raises, vacation days, and community building.



Feel confident about the brand you choose.


Our factory is certified by the Fair Wear Foundation ensuring high standards are kept for all the employees including great working conditions, fair pay, annual leave, and medical benefits.

Not only that, but they pride themselves on using only the most sustainable farming methods and fibres, and run the factory on solar panels. 

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Explore the planet, Protect the planet.

We make our products only from the most sustainable and eco-friendly plants we can find, without compromising quality. 

Hemp and Certified Organic Cotton.

Our suppliers.

We want to keep things simple, for one reason: To reduce our carbon footprint.

Which is why we are working with only one vertically integrated manufacturer who make the hemp fabric from scratch. 

Our manufacturer provides the healthiest of working conditions for their workers including medical benefits, safety insurance, salary raises, and vacation days.

Did you know Hemp is naturally antimicrobial so it helps prevent odours on your shirt? 

Nicknamed “The Super Plant” There are numerous reasons why you should choose Hemp.   

Check out our Top 10 reasons why you should start wearing Hemp. Forever. 



I'm Hannah, the founder of Hempton. 

Firstly, Thank you for visiting our page. By supporting our brand, not only are you supporting an ethical and sustainable change in fashion but you are also supporting me as a women entrepreneur.  

In 2018 I quit my 9-5 job alongside my husband and we went off the explore less travelled parts of the World. 

After almost a year of living out of just a 10kg backpack, I realised that there are not many good quality travel clothing brands for every day travel or backpacking. It was then that I realised the devastating effects that fast fashion is currently having on our beautiful planet. 

I spent the next few months researching how I could make the perfect travel clothes whilst being very conscious about the effects it has on Earth.  I looked at many fibres when I discovered the Super Plant that is Hemp... and that's where Hempton blossomed.

If you're on this page, you most likely share my love for travel and the planet and I can't wait to hear where you will travel in Hempton.



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Because we are a small start up, we launched firstly on Kickstarter where we were successfully funded. Due to the success, we have decided to offer our pre-sales on our website also for the next few months. All of our shirts are expected to be delivered to you in October, or earlier.



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