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Nicknamed 'The Super Plant'
There are numerous reasons why hemp is the best choice for sustainable fashion and why it makes the best clothing.  

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should start wearing hemp, forever.
Below are 5 reasons why it is a great choice for you and 5 reasons why is is the best choice for our planet.

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‣  Hemp helps prevent odours due to its resistance to bacterial growth.

‣  Hemp protects you from UV light by naturally filtering rays to keep your skin protected. 

‣   Hemp is four times stronger than cotton; It won't weaken when washed.

‣   Hemp has natural moisture wicking properties to help keep you dry in the heat and humidity.

‣   The more you wash Hemp, the softer it gets on the skin.

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‣   Hemp uses half the amount of water to grow compared with cotton. This can usually be provided solely by rain.

‣   Hemp grows much faster than most plants, producing more oxygen and capturing more carbon dioxide.

‣   No pesticides or fertilisers are needed during the growing process.

‣   Hemp replenishes the nutrients in soil and absorbs toxins. The soil can be grown in for 20 years, unlike cotton.

‣   Hemp is biodegradable.

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But what can't hemp do?

Well, one thing it can’t do is get you high.

There is often a stigma around hemp because it is a species of the cannabis plant. Hemp is different plant to the one used to make marijuana and this one contains next to no THC which is the active ingredient in marijuana to get you high.

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